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Health & Environment

The IEA 4E SSL Annex is working to help policy makers track and understand the latest science and research on how LED lighting impacts human health and the environment.

Health Impacts

Starting in 2011, the SSL Annex launched a study to review all of the major health-related literature associated with LED lighting. In 2014, the SSL Annex published a comprehensive review (download the Health Aspects Report) of the current literature on health-related impacts of energy-efficient LED systems in our homes, buildings and outdoor areas. Read more...

Life-Cycle Environmental Impacts

Also starting in 2011, a research project was launched to compile all the available literature associated withthe life-cycle assessment impacts of LED systems compared to conventional lighting systems (download the Life-Cycle Assessment Report). The purpose of this work was to provide answers to questions like ‘what are the environmental impacts of LED products over their whole life cycle?’ and ‘what are the strongest contributors to the environmental impacts of LED products?’ Read more.....