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Health Impacts

Starting in 2011, the SSL Annex launched a study to review all of the major health-related literature associated with LED lighting. In 2014, the SSL Annex published a comprehensive review (download the Health Aspects Report) of the current literature on health-related impacts of energy-efficient LED systems in our homes, buildings and outdoor areas.

The study evaluates electrical risks, exposure to electromagnetic fields, glare, photobiological hazards, light flicker and non-visual effects of light. It provides a detailed review of these topical areas, and thereby gives decision makers important information that they can apply in the policy context of LED lighting.

The report found that SSL technology is not expected to have more direct negative impacts on human health with respect to non-visual effects than other light source technologies. Furthermore, for electromagnetic fields, human exposure emitted by SSL products does not appear to be a critical issue as their magnitude is generally much smaller than those corresponding to discharge lamps or certain household appliances. The report also provides advice on flicker and glare.