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Draft Requirements for Review

The IEA 4E’s Solid-State Lighting Annex (SSL Annex) is publishing today (25 November 2020) the public review draft of our updated Quality and Performance Requirements for LED Lighting Products. We invite you to please download and review this document, and provide comments to the SSL Annex email account (by the 25 January 2021.  

< < <  CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of the Draft Requirements  > > >

After reviewing the comments received, the SSL Annex will finalise the quality and performance requirements and publish them as 'final' on our website. The draft quality and performance requirements published today cover a range of residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting products. 

About the SSL Annex Quality and Performance Requirements for LED Lighting Products

These quality and performance requirements address LED lighting product attributes such as colour, lifetime, power, and efficacy for the most common SSL applications. These product performance requirements offer a voluntary set of multi-metric performance levels arranged in three tiers, developed by experts appointed by the IEA 4E SSL Annex member countries.  The requirements could be utilised by government, non-profit and donor agencies when designing programmes and policies. The objective is to provide a limited number of levels that can be utilised by programme designers to reduce costs of writing specifications and to facilitate economic advantages for industry/trade. Further, by promoting harmonisation of requirements they help to minimise compliance costs with SSL programmes and policies.

Thank you in advance for your review and comments.  

Best regards,

Georges Zissis, SSL Annex Management Committee Chair, France

Nils Borg, SSL Annex Operating Agent, IEA 4E Solid State Lighting Annex