IEA 4E Electric Motor Systems Electronic Devices & Networks Mapping & Benchmarking Power Conversion Solid State Lighting

Energy Implications of New SSL Features

The goal of this research is to understand the energy implications of new LED products, which offer a number of opportunities for user control as well as internal product quality control that can lead to more user comfort and stable lighting products. These may be user-focused features such as colour-tunability and network access to controls, or features that are intended to prolong life and function of products such as active thermal control or regulation of drive current to maintain flux over time.

Specific activities of this research project include:

  • Evaluate new features as some will reduce energy consumption, while others may not; some features may make it harder to measure actual energy consumption
  • Understand the impact of new features so that when governments give advice and engage in market transformation activities, the work takes these features into account
  • Determine how new features may affect a product’s energy consumption (active and/or stand-by power mode) or measurement of efficacy such as active thermal control; dimming quality; regulation of drive current to maintain flux over time, colour tunability; wireless operation; etc.
The results of this analysis will be presented in a series of reports, the first of which was released on 6 September 2016.  Please click here for more information.