IEA 4E Electric Motor Systems Electronic Devices & Networks Mapping & Benchmarking Power Conversion Solid State Lighting

Performance Tiers

Striving for high quality, energy efficient SSL products in your market? The IEA-4E SSL Annex has prepared voluntary quality and performance tiers to address product attributes such as colour, lifetime, power, and efficacy for common SSL applications. These product performance tiers are a limited number of proposed performance levels, agreed upon by IEA SSL Annex members, that could be utilised by government, non-profit and donor agencies when designing programmes and policies. The objective is to provide a limited number of levels that can be utilised by programme designers to reduce costs of writing specifications and to facilitate economic advantages for industry/trade. Further, they help minimise compliance costs with SSL programmes and policies. Member countries are not obligated to use the tiers, and they are not international standards.

Non-directional Lamps

Outdoor Lighting
(Street Lighting)

Directional Lamps

High/Low Bay LED Luminaires

Downlight Luminaires

Planar Luminaires

Linear LED Lamps Replacing Fluorescent Tubes

Spreadsheet for calculating
Fourier Series (Dominant Lighting Modulation Frequency)