IEA 4E Mapping & Benchmarking Electric Motor Systems Solid State Lighting Standby Power Electronic Devices & Networks

How are Tiers Developed?

The performance tiers are developed through a consultative process with a range of experts across the SSL Annex, followed by an external stakeholder and policy-maker review.

New and revised performance tiers start with a review of existing market promotion schemes around the world (e.g., US Energy Star, European LED Quality Charter).  Sources like these are then supplemented with market research to develop a draft set of quality and performance criteria.

The draft criteria are reviewed by the technical experts from each of the SSL Annex member countries, to arrive at a draft for public review.  This draft is then made public for a consultative period of two months, inviting comment from industry and other stakeholders. After this, the SSL Annex will review all the comments and make any adjustments before submitting the final proposal for the SSL Annex Management Committee for review. Once approved, the final version is posted on this website, as a PDF for any government or other stakeholder to download.