IEA 4E Mapping & Benchmarking Electric Motor Systems Solid State Lighting Standby Power Electronic Devices & Networks

Why Performance Tiers?

The IEA 4E SSL Annex provides credible SSL guidance and resources to governments and policy makers regarding minimum acceptable product performance levels to support consumer acceptance. 

These performance tiers identify a suite of metrics and values related to minimum SSL performance, including energy efficiency, lighting quality, and safety. They are voluntary and may be used for bulk procurement contracts, incentive schemes, or in support of national energy policies and labelling programmes. The SSL Annex continues to monitor the market and the appropriateness of these published tier levels, and expects that additional levels will be added in the future as SSL technology advances.

The Annex is not a standards-making organisation and these voluntary Performance Tiers are not  "Performance Standards" nor should they be considered a proposed “Performance Standard”. The creation of “Performance Standards” is the responsibility of organisations like the IEC, ANSI, etc. National governments are responsible for minimum efficiency programmes or voluntary energy efficiency programmes like ENERGY STAR. The work of the SSL Annex is to build consensus between member governments and to provide guidance to interested stakeholders.