IEA 4E Electric Motor Systems Electronic Devices & Networks Mapping & Benchmarking Power Conversion Solid State Lighting


Laboratory Accreditation

2013 Final Report (2013 IC Final Report), which compares the ability of 110 laboratories worldwide to test Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps and luminaires.

Human Health

Published the 2014 Human Health Aspects Report, which is a comprehensive review of the current literature to evaluate whether energy-efficient LED systems are a safe light source to illuminate our homes, buildings and outdoor areas.

Lifecycle Assessment

Published a Lifecycle Assessment Report in 2014, which is a global assessment of the life-cycle impacts of LED systems compared to conventional lighting systems 

Product Performance

Maintains minimum performance levels covering the key product attributes of common LED lighting applications. Performance tiers may be voluntarily adopted by governments or other stakeholders to meet various policy objectives, such as supporting public procurement of high quality, efficient LED lighting.