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IC 2017 Participant Registration

Open from 30 June - 30 September 2017 or until all participant spaces are filled

The International Energy Agency’s 4E  Solid State Lighting Annex (IEA 4E SSL Annex) is running the 2017 Interlaboratory Comparison (IC 2017) for photometric labs that use goniophotometers for testing LED lighting products. IC 2017 is designed in compliance with ISO/IEC 17043 to serve as a proficiency test for SSL testing accreditation programmes that recognise this comparison. For more information, please see the Official Announcement Letter for IC 2017: click here

Registration is open to all countries, but applicants from IEA 4E SSL Annex member countries (Australia, Denmark, France, Republic of Korea, Sweden, the UK and the USA) will receive a discount and priority (if the number of participants reaches the limit). There is also a discount to all applicants for early registration (30 June – 31 July 2017). The registration fees, which include the artefact shipping costs both ways, are:

        • Early Registration – SSL Annex member country:                      €4,900
        • Early Registration - non-member country:                                  €5,100
        • Registration after July 31 – SSL Annex member country:           €5,100
        • Registration after July 31 - Non-member country:                      €5,300
        • Each additional goniophotometer at same location:                   €1,000
To register for IC 2017, please click on one of the following links:

To download the supporting documents associated with IC 2017, please click on the links: