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IC 2017 Registration - English

Interlaboratory Comparison 2017 (IC 2017) - Participating Laboratory Registration Form

IC 2017 is open to all photometric labs that use goniophotometers for testing LED lighting products. The information in this form will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for the purposes of internal management of IC 2017 and general data

Section 1. Participating Laboratory - Company/Institute name and address of the testing site to appear on individual test report


Section 2. Technical Contact Information - Address for Shipping the Comparison Artefacts


Section 3. Invoicing Contact Information - Address for Sending Invoice


Section 4. Laboratory General Information

4.1 Laboratory Type (select from five options below):

4.2 Laboratory Accreditation Status:

4.3 Will your lab seek for a testing accreditation for solid state lighting using the results of this IC test as a Proficiency Test? (Yes or no). If Yes, do you have a specific accreditation programme in mind?

4.4 In the final report of IC 2017, we will include a list of participants (just lab names and country) for those participants who agree. Would you like to have your lab name listed in final report? (Yes/No; note: you can change this decision later)

4.5 Do you intend to participate IC 2017 with more than one goniophotometer at the same location?

4.6 Preferred Testing Rounds - IC 2017 is going to have three rounds of participant testing. You will have 4 weeks to measure and submit data. Please give your first choice (enter "1"), second choice (enter "2"), and third choice (enter "3").

If you are not able to participate in one of these rounds, please enter "decline".


Section 5. Laboratory Technical Information

5.1 Manufacturer and model of your goniophotometer (if it is home-built, please describe the construction):

5.2 Type of Goniophotometer:

5.3 Does your goniophotometer have CIE C-gamma coordinate system or Type C in IES category:

5.4 Mechanical construction of your goniophotometer:

5.5 The operating position (burning position) of DUT with respect to gravity is kept constant? If not, correction is applied?

5.6 Your goniophotometer is equipped with (select all that apply):

5.7 Reference Standard(s) for your goniophotometer and traceability. Please check the standard(s) you use and enter which laboratory issues the calibration certificate.(Select all that apply)

5.8 Which instrument do you use for spatially-averaged colour quantity measurements? Please give information below on the spectroradiometer including manufacturer and model.

5.9 Which instrument/mode do you use for angular colour uniformity?

5.10 Photometric distance of your goniophotometer (if it is variable, enter the range.)

5.11 Diameter of your integrating sphere, if you will use it for colour measurement (in metres):

5.12 Electrical Instrumentation:

5.13 Is your goniophotometer system with all electrical, photometric, colorimetric instrumentation and laboratory conditions to be compliant with CIE S 025?

(This answer does not affect your eligibility as a participant. You will be asked for more details on this question when you submit the results)


Note: Instructions for fee payment will be sent to you after you submit this form.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions on filling out this form.

General parts: Mike Scholand, IEA 4E SSL Annex Operating Agent Support; Email: or Tel: +44 7931 701 568

Technical parts: Yoshi Ohno, IC 2017 Task Leader, Email:; Tel: +1 301-975-2321