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Guidance on Lifetime Testing

This research activity will investigate existing test methods for determining luminous flux maintenance and colour maintenance of SSL products (available from IEC product standards and regional standards on products and their components).

This task will evaluate the latest standards for lifetime testing of LED products. It is linked to and supports our research on the characterisation of product lifetime. However, where that research looks into generic lifetime issues, this activity focuses on testing aspects of SSL product lifetime:

  • Investigate test methods for determining luminous flux maintenance and colour maintenance, which was not covered in the previous (2010-2014) work of the SSL Annex.  There are several test methods available, such as LM-80 and TM-21 by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.  The IEC has different approaches in their draft standards. 
  • Another issue is testing of complete products (LED lamps, luminaries), which is not covered by LM-80 and TM-21 (for LED packages/modules).  New standards LM-84 and TM-28 are being developed for complete products and will try to address their lifetime testing.  But which of these standards are most suitable for governments to use in their SSL policy programmes? 

This task will involve consultation with standards making bodies, but the SSL Annex itself will not be developing test methods. Instead, the Annex would seek to identify and promote any lifetime test standards that were found to address government testing needs. This research will culminate in a report that provides guidance to governments on lifetime testing of SSL products.